What we do

At Prolific we bring people together to power the world’s research. It is the first scientific, highly scalable, ethical participant recruitment platform for researchers around the world. Quantitative and qualitative researchers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs all need valid and reliable data sources to make predictions about human behaviour, social change, and global developments. Thanks to our online platform, researchers collect responses fast and participants earn cash rewards. It takes 5 minutes to start data collection, there's no middleman, and the product easily integrates with any survey software. In a world of unreliable results, Prolific makes data trustworthy and connects the public with science.

We’re growing fast. In the last year, researchers from across the globe have run over one thousand studies a month on our platform, collecting over 1 million participant responses. We have a strong business model, which allows us to grow from our own revenue. This is your chance to get involved in a fast-moving startup where you’ll have huge influence over the trajectory of the product, and help take us to the next level.

How we interview & hire

Our hiring process usually begins with an introductory online interview to help you get to know us better, and vice versa. At this stage, we would like to better understand your motivation for the role, get to know about your interests and personality, and learn about any relevant past experience or skills you might have. If this initial interview is successful, we'd then invite you to complete an assignment (<2 hours, you'll be compensated for the time spent), which will be reviewed by relevant team members. This will be followed by an in-depth, face-to-face interview in Oxford, UK, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the assignment, explore value fit, which incentives you care about, and learn how you would work with the team on a daily basis.

We provide feedback on unsuccessful applications beyond the short interview stage on request.

Our core values

Curiosity and openness: We like to think big, ask creative questions, and tackle difficult challenges
Transparency and honesty: We care about constructive debate and having transparent, democratic processes
Striving for excellence: We continuously seek to improve in all areas, but make sure we stay lean
Doing good: We care about research and want to empower scientists and companies to be more data-driven

Our Team

  • Phelim Bradley

    CTO and cofounder

  • Ekaterina (Katia) Damer

    CEO and cofounder

  • Jim Moodie


  • Stephen O'Malley


  • Andrew Cox

    Developer / Designer

  • Jim Lumsden

    Data Analyst

  • Hannah Lettmann

    Marketing Manager (freelancer)

  • Zak Evernden

    Research Support and Consultancy

  • Kendra Meyer

    Participant Support Manager (freelancer)

  • Craig Richardson


  • James Harwood

    Freelance developer

  • Will Moggridge


  • Chris Luke

    Data Analyst

  • Susan O'Sullivan

    Research Support and Consultancy

  • Allie Shewan

    People Operations Manager

  • Nick Janssen

    Part-time Financial Director